A Musical Reminder That You Can Wear Clothes On Halloween and That's Okay

As October 31st draws nigh and we're bombarded with more and more ideas for tasteless/offensive/revealing costumes, it can be easy to forget that you don't have to dress as a Slutty [BLANK] if you don't want to. Take it from the cute girls of EmotiStyle and their song "Things You Can Be On Halloween Besides Naked." You might even get a good costume idea from their video.


Also, counterpoint: Dress naked if you feel like it! Halloween is a time for everyone!




Halloween truly is the one day of the year where anything can happen. For instance, it is, according to Jezebel, the one day of the year that women can't dress however they want.

But I get to dress like a drunken Santa Claus/Pirate/Ninja instead of simply acting like one, so there's that :)