A mother in Kentucky has a problem with some oddly-shaped "fun straws" she bought at WalMart for her three-year-old daughter. She thinks they looks like "the male private area." After calling up WalMart to complain, and treated rudely by an employee, she called up her local news outlet, who ran an unintentionally hilarious segment on it. The woman says she's offended by the product even though she knows that her toddler doesn't really understand what it is. But judging by the borderline-porn-y BJ face the news camera captured her little girl making, we're thinking that maybe she knows a little bit more than she lets on. [Click image to view inappropriate screen shot.) [WSAZ]




I'm offended by those straws. The heart one looks like a vagina. The squiggly one looks like dna. The rocket like one reminds me of, well, rockets. And I hate rockets.