A More Positive Spin on 'Lady Geeks'

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Still thinking about yesterday's booth babe debate? Genevieve Dempre wrote a rebuttal to that obnoxious CNN piece about how beauty-obsessed pseudo-geeks are taking over the gaming industry as we know it and brought up some great points, such as:

The other problem with this whole conversation about which women are legitimately geeks and which women are just faking it for male attention is that it still assumes that men are the ultimate arbiters. It's another reminder to women that while we may be appreciated for our decorative qualities, we certainly shouldn't expect to be welcomed beyond that as active participants. It's another hoop to jump through, and a glaring indication of the fact that we're seen as girls first, geeks second, and that we're always going to have to work harder to prove that we belong.

It also assumes that all the women who attend conventions in sexy attire are doing it for the same reasons. This is patently false. Some women just genuinely enjoy dressing as highly sexualized characters, and they're geeks through and through. Some women are being paid as professional models by major corporations to sell products to men, and shouldn't be shamed for doing an honest day's work. Some women are new to geek culture and are finding their way, and yes, some women are looking for attention and validation and a way to feel liked and accepted.


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In Defense of Lady Geeks [CNN]

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The Pirate Queen

I rather liked John Scalzi's post on the matter: http://whatever.scalzi.com/2012/07/26/who-gets-to-be-a-geek-anyone-who-wants-to-be/