A Message From Jezebel's Woman of the Year

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After you elected traveling abortion provider Dr. X as Woman of the Year, she got in touch with us to share a message about her work. Here's what she had to say:

I'm very pleased to be ‘Woman of the Year'. And — since the voters at Jezebel know little about me personally — I believe the honor is an expression of appreciation for all abortion providers. None of us — and none of you and no one — is ‘pro abortion'. We provide a needed service to women of this country. As you know, over 1/3 of American women have had an abortion. At some point in their lives — because of family, economic and personal concerns — they felt that abortion was the right decision. Please consider this fact, and your appreciation of us, when you vote in 2012. Please talk about this to your friends and neighbors and try to make sure that our right to make such decisions and to obtain a needed service safely, privately and respectfully is not compromised.


In a time when that right is being compromised pretty much constantly, her work — and your support — have never been more important.


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Image via Santa Fe Reporter. Clara Taylor is not Dr. X's real name.

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Guys, if no one was pro-abortion then we wouldn't have the abortionplex.


The lazy river really is divine.

/sarcasm (just in case)