A Lot of Kids Will Try Booze For the First Time This Month

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The holiday season is that special time of the year when the scent of pine is in the air, generosity prevails and teenagers begin their slow descent into a recurring series of poor decision making fueled by alcohol, commonly known as adulthood.

Young people aged 12 to 17 years-old are most likely to try alcohol for the first time during the month of December, according to data from Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. And once they've discovered the euphoric state that comes after the consumption of half a bottle of wine, there's no stopping them.

In December, an average of 11,400 teens try alcohol for the first time each day of the month, which works out to about 353,000 new drinkers by months' end. By contrast, in February the daily number of new teenage drinkers is less than half of that.


The Washington Post notes that there's much more alcohol around, period, during this time of the year. (It's necessary.) Between 1992 and 2013 retail sales from beer, wine, and liquor stores saw a $3.7 billion sales average during the month of December.

Many of these teenagers will likely be getting their first sips of the sauce under their parent's supervision—sort of like the time my mom kept offering me a beer so I could know what alcohol tasted like, but probably just so she could laugh at me when I got tipsy.

So if you want to get the teen in your life a gift that they'll love, let them try a sip of the good stuff now so they'll know better during college than to buy the vodka that was made a mile away from campus.

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My parents let me have a little wine with dinner when I was growing up so by the time I got to college, I was completely accustomed to it and didn't go binge drinking like an idiot. I became the sober friend who herded drunk friends like cats and got them safely into beds and couches at 3am. I have no idea why parents don't slowly ease their kids into thinking liquor is normal so they don't go bugfuck when they reach college.