A Look Back At Tyra's 500 Episodes

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Tyra has a lot to celebrate: Today marks the 500th episode of her talk show, which, we learned this morning, has been nominated for a Daytime Emmy (this year in a different category, "talk show/informative" instead of "talk show/entertainment"). TyTy was a guest on The View today, and she let us know that New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg has christened April 30 "Tyra Banks Show Day." (Unlike Mariah Carey, however, Tyra is not getting her signature colors shown on the Empire State Building.) So in honor of this very special occasion, we've compiled some of our favorite clips from Tyra's Emmy-nominated third season. Pack your bags, y'all, we're going after the jump.

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Jezebel Crashes The Tyra Show's Vaginas Episode
Three Jezebel editors (Moe, Jennifer and I) tried to go see Tyra's interview with Barack Obama, but instead we ended up as part of the studio audience for her "Vagina Dialogues" episode, in which we watched a woman use a vagina puppet to explain that we have two holes down there! Who knew?


103-Year-Old Woman Tugs At Tyra's Weave
Hands down, my absolute favorite episode of Tyra, if only because one of the old ladies, a Holocaust survivor, tells Tyra that she's never seen anything like, well, Tyra. But it's also great because Tyra fiercely models an afghan one of the women gave her.

Mary J. Blige Dishes On PMS, Brazilian Waxes, & Her Mile High Club Membership On Tyra
This was a great interview, not so much because of TB, but because of how awesome Mary is.


Tyra's "Bodyville" Is More Like "Camel Toe City"
Tyra's "social experiment" about body image was a big, fat mess.


Who's More Sane: Tyra Banks Or Janet Jackson?
Tyra talked about Janet's big ass, danced like a maniac, and manhandled the pop star.


Tyra: "Chinese Face, No S-E-X Talk"
Best mother-daughter sex talk evs.

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@sylvie: i like that it cycles non-stop and i can just see tyra cry over and over