A lobbyist friend writes me: "So I'm in a southern GOP office (where pretty women, skirts, heels, etc. are still the norm) with a few of my clients. Now, most of the guys I represent are salt of the earth, hard working folk. However, on this particular day, "Earl" decides he's gonna venture off-script, talk shit about the Member, and flat-out hit on the smoking, damn-near-burnt-my-retinas-cuz-I-looked- at-her-too-closely hot staffer. I corralled him, like a good lobbyist, about a dozen times, steered the conversation back to the topic at hand and got the other clients to talk. Finally, we get up to leave and Earl is sporting wood. No, I'm sorry, Earl is sporting log. The boy is blessed and not just with being a consummate jackass, and not afraid to show it. As he goes in for the hug - yup, a hug - I step in and thank her for her time. Any idea what to do next?"

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