A Little Ribald Humor...

On Monday we posed the question as to whether it was advisable for balding men to 1. do nothing 2. spend thousands of dollars on emasculating and/or libido-killing drugs/procedures or 3. just shave their heads a la Mike Bibby. Well, Gramercy Tavern chef Tom Colicchio's wife brought up a point in favor of the lattermost option that you can read if you click his bald mug. [NY Mag]

"So do shaved heads make you a better chef?" That's just great. Men with shaved heads are always better. Just ask my wife. [To wife Lori Silverbush] Aren't shaved heads great? Silverbush: Much easier on the thighs. Colicchio: [blushing and laughing hysterically] That was off the record!"


Ha ha ha, good line. Thinking ahead, that one.

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