Discount air carrier Spirit Airlines is offering travelers a discount on trips to the Caribbean. Sorry— to use their words, they're inviting travelers to "go down on them" to the Caribbean since they've "shaved" their fares. Get it? Pussy.

Take a few minutes to clutch your pearls, scandalized travelers, while I describe the rest of the ad in gory detail. There's a stock photo of a disembodied sexy portion of a sexy woman's torso and upper pelvic region (not the sexiest portion — which obviously are the boobs — but a sexy portion nonetheless). She's wearing a bikini bottom, so you know the implied attached woman is in a state of undress (sexy!). And then there's the whole analogizing traveling south on the globe to traveling south on the human body.

The accompanying copy is, sadly, unladen with vaginal double entendres. But that doesn't mean you can imagine, if you take Spirit up on their deal offer, that you're flying deep into some kind of vague bald vagina place.

All of this sounds very sexy and enticing. But I'll tell you what isn't sexy: trying to return via plane to someplace cold during the middle of winter storm season. Nice try, Spirit Air.