A handful of conservative news sites, including numerous anti-abortion sites and the National Review, are reporting that California has been forced to drop 14 of the 15 the felony charges against David Daleiden, the man behind the heavily edited Planned Parenthood “sting videos,” and partner Sandra Merritt. The sites are presenting the news as though Daleidan and Merritt have been vindicated, their cases now ended. But that’s not exactly true. While 14 of the invasion of privacy charges against both were thrown out by San Francisco Superior Court Judge Christopher Hite, the move was temporary. Hite ruled that the 14 charges were not specific enough and gave prosecutors ten days to amend and refile the charges, per a statement from the state’s attorney. The California Department of Justice said that it will “amend the complaint and will be making the requested changes.” The 15th felony charge against the pair, for conspiracy, remained in place. Hite also denied the defense’s request to make the remains of Daleiden and Merritt’s videos public.


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