A Hand To Take Hold Of The Scene

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[Tel Aviv, August 1. Image via Getty.]

Lidya, a three-year-old refugee from Eritrea, holds hands with two Israelis during an immigrants rights protest held in the Israeli port city of Tel Aviv on August 1, 2009. Thousands of Israeli and migrant workers, including children, formed a human chain in a working-class district of Tel Aviv near the city's main bus terminal, which houses many migrants, most of them from Africa, in protest at Israel's decision to deport families of illegal aliens. Israel had set an August 1 deadline to expel illegal migrants and their children, even those who grew up in Jewish state, triggering an outcry among human rights groups. (YEHUDA RAIZNER/AFP/Getty Images)


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Nice Okkervil River reference in the title there, Hortense. ;)