A group of middle school girls in Southern Indiana was allegedly "inspired" by the Florida teenagers who brutally beat a frenemy and then attempted to post the violence on YouTube. These Indiana tweens โ€” pupils at Clarksville Middle School and aged 12-14 โ€” lured a classmate to a parking lot, filmed themselves abusing her and then posted the video on PhotoBucket.com (it has subsequently been removed). According to the AP, "The video begins with one girl arguing with the victim and escalates into a fight during which the 12-year-old is repeatedly hit in the head as other girls watch and laugh." Charges have yet to be filed and police are still interviewing the perpetrators. The Clarksville superintendent says he does not plan to discipline these bullies because the violence did not occur on school grounds. Again, we ask: How many kids have to die before bullying is taken seriously? [AP via MSNBC]