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A group of aboriginal men have issued an apology to aboriginal women for the "pain, hurt and suffering" they've caused. John Liddle of the Central Australian Aboriginal Congress issued the collective apology via a statement yesterday: "We the Aboriginal males from Central Australia and our brothers from around Australia ... acknowledge and say sorry for the hurt, pain and suffering caused by Aboriginal males." As you'll recall, earlier this year Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, as one of his first acts in office apologized to native Australians for years of institutionalized cruelty from the Australian government. [Australian Associated Press]


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I realize an apology can seem like a minor thing, but they're at least acknowledging the wrongs inflicted on native women either. They're admitting that their silence allowed this behavior, they're admitting that not all native men have behaved honorably.

I think an apology can open the door for change. Call me Jesse Jackson, but I have hope that this can gradually bring about changes for what is acceptable or not spoken out against in the future.