A Former Trump Campaign Manager Has Reportedly Been Taken to the Hospital After Threatening to Harm Himself

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Brad Parscale, a former Trump campaign manager, was reportedly taken to the hospital after police responded to a call Sunday afternoon about Parscale threatening suicide.


According to the Washington Post, it was Parscale’s wife who called local authorities, informing officers when they arrived on the scene that her husband was armed and had access to firearms in their Florida home. Authorities were able to talk to Parscale and persuade him to come out.

“Officers made contact with the male, developed a rapport, and safely negotiated for him to exit the home,” Sgt. DeAnna Greenlaw told the Post. “The male was detained without injury and transported to Broward Health Medical Center for a Baker Act.”

Parscale, who had also worked on Trump’s 2016 bid for office, left the Trump 2020 campaign in mid-July when the president announced he would be replacing him with Bill Stepien, who was then the deputy campaign manager. At that point, Parscale assumed his current post as senior adviser for data and digital operations.

Trump aides told the Post on Sunday that Parscale remained involved in the campaign and has had recent contact with other campaign officials.

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I genuinely wish him a return to good mental health. But, also, they are starting to crack. All of this bullshit about being ‘alphas’ is the weakest facade you’ve ever seen. We’re going to see a lot more of these as the criminal enterprise becomes aware that this is over, that the MAGA empire was a total illusion.

They were warned; they were told. The only person in Trump’s empire who ever makes it away relatively unscathed is the boss. That’s it. You’re not gonna get away with shit. This man devours souls for breakfast.

You know the rigged game he’s always screaming about, MAGAts? People like him are the one’s who rigged it. But at least you got to tell black people, and gay people, and brown people, and women and...to learn their place, right? Hope it was fucking worth it, your marks.