A Few Tweets From Andy Richter That Could Be About Anyone

Yeah, that is something you can do, if you’re someone who wanted to do that. Whoever that might be.


Andy Richter expanded on these theoretical people:


He also retweeted this, for some reason:

Johnny Depp is a huge star with a lot of family franchises backing him. Accusations of domestic abuse are rarely so public amongst such famous people. It will quickly become apparent who will speak up, who will remain silent, and who will whisper in Hollywood. Good for Andy Richter for starting his conversation in the right direction.

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SuckMyLeft1(it's a Bikini Kill song btw)

Yea I’m loving Andy right now. The people who are all “but even the cops didn’t see bruises” don’t understand that a bruise doesn’t appear right away, it usually appears hours later and sometimes takes up to a day to appear, these people need to go away.... I work with a lot of them... and this is all I have been hearing.... It's been a long day.