A Few Things of Note About This Dior Dress We Keep Seeing

A dress from Christian Dior's fall 2014 ready-to-wear collection keeps popping up, and there are some important things to note about this dress.

  • It was designed by Raf Simons
  • Katherine Heigl is wearing it one the August cover of Marie Claire (UK)
  • Anna Kendrick is wearing it inside the July issue of Elle (US)
  • Charlize Theron is wearing it on the June cover of Vogue (US)
  • The neckline is hideous and deeply unflattering
  • Boob-squashing is in full effect
  • The lacing looks like hockey skates
  • The lacing looks like knee-high Converse sneakers
  • The dress will be in stores in September and will, most likely, cost more than your rent
  • Since you rarely see the hemline of the dress, here's what it looked like on the runway:
  • But there's actually a slightly better version, and it looks like this:

That is all.

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Runway images via Getty.

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