A Feminist-Approved Diet Discovered By Conservatives

Right-wing nutbag radio talk show host Jim Quinn know how us feminists keep our lesbian feminazi bonerkilling figures — though we apparently " look a lot more like Ruth Bader Ginsburg than Palin." Gloria Steinem feeds us all aborted fetuses in "sacrificial right of passage" that is akin to the one true Eucharist. Jim Quinn has discovered our secret, ladies! He furthermore noted that we, "like Gloria Steinem, think the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence should've read, 'All women are endowed by Mother Earth with an inalienable right to eat their own young.'" Well, shit. Now that the news is out, I supposed we'll have to go back to eaten unleavened, tasteless crackers in church instead of delicious, delicious fetuses. They taste like chocolate, you know. [Media Matters]

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