So, the advice, as I mentioned, is all about trying to hide the shape of her actual body and make it appear to be more hourglass. To "transform it into an hourglass," they say:

"slim your hips and thighs"
"draw attention to the upper part of your body"
"balance your figure" with shoulder pads
"a roomy top will de-emphasize your bottom"
"offset your hips"
"avoid side pockets, they add bulk where you least need it"

I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where the fashion industry encouraged us to "emphasize" our differences from one another, instead of trying to make us all look the same. If you were pear-shaped, for example, the advice would be all about highlighting that awesome booty and tiny waist and shoulders. Work that pear-shape!


If you were broad-shouldered and thin-hipped, the advice could all be aimed at broadening your shoulders (shoulder pads and fancy necklines) and thinning your hips (dark colors and no pockets)! Work that triangle-shape!

If you were apple-shaped, advice would be aimed at looking rounder with even skinner arms and legs. Work that apple-shape!


If you were petite, advice could be aimed at looking smaller; if you were tall, advice could be aimed at looking larger.

If you had short legs, advice would tell you how to elongate your torso; if you had long legs, advice would tell you how to shorten it.


I think this would be a super fun world to live in.


This post originally appeared on Sociological Images. Republished with permission.