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A Dog's Life Is Ruff: Win A Chance To Pamper Your Pooch!

Illustration for article titled A Dogs Life Is Ruff: Win A Chance To Pamper Your Pooch!

Is your dog in desperate need of a makeover? To celebrate Animal Planet's new show, Groomer Has It, we're holding a contest for the most, um, aesthetically-challenged canine. Send a picture of your pup to with the subject line "This Mutt Needs A Makeover." Be sure to include your name, e-mail address, phone number, as well as information about why your mongrel needs a manicure. We wanna know why your hound should get her hair did. One lucky dog will win a grooming session courtesy of Animal Planet! (This is not to be confused with our Past Fashion call for submissions — we're still accepting those as well!)


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@hortense: A dog's day at the spa should never ever cost more than mine. In fact: get your dog a haircut, pet him/her nicely after it and be done with the business. Like Sarah said, donate the rest of that money to help his/her doggie bretheren.

@Snowbunny: @kface: Exceptions of course made to short haired dogs who will die without proper insulation


@and Begorrah: Ha! Yeah, my hugest pet peeve is dogs in clothes. I mean, I understand that, like, dachshunds and chihauhaus need sweaters in the winter and all, but it still irks me a little. When i saw that the dog I want needed a sweater a part of me died a little...