A Day Of News About Donda West's Doctor

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Word is that back in April, the Executive Director of the California Medical Board asked the state of California not to renew the medical license of Dr. Jan Adams, the physician who reportedly operated on Kanye's mother, Donda West. Dr. Adams had multiple DUI arrests and had settled 2 cases of malpractice in 2001. The American Board of Plastic Surgery tells ET, "Dr. Jan Adams is not certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, but you don't have to be certified by the board to perform plastic surgery." This news comes amid reports that another doctor turned down Dr. West as a surgery candidate. Dr. Adams calls that doctor "sleazy". This just in: Dr. Adams may have gotten a patient pregnant. This also just in: a patient filed a lawsuit against Dr. Adams 2 weeks ago, claiming she nearly bled to death after he operated on her. [ET, TMZ]


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Rooo sez BISH PLZ

Man, that's scary. My brilliant dermatologist, who also has surgery certification, point blank refused to do a bhlepharoplasty on me (I've had bags since I was 4; it's genetic — distinguished on my dad, just not so cute on a girl).

So I didn't have it done, and this was probably 5 years ago. I didn't run around looking for another doctor who would do it.

I am NOT judging. But I always thought that, all other things being equal, mo money would give you BETTER choices, not worse ones.

I don't even know what surgery Dr. West was looking to have done. But could she have gone to gorgeous brilliant Dr. Robert (you all know, the one from Brazil o Dr. 90210 on Bravo) for a second opinion, at least?

Jeebus. What a heinous waste.

At the end of the day? IBTP.