Looking for a special gift for the Twilight fan in your life? You might want to consider this incredibly creepy Jacob Black tee, which proclaims "I will always be there for you...I'll never go away."

Unsurprisingly, the shirt is being sold by Hot Topic, that bastion of faux goth rebellion that always smells like mass-produced incense and 9th grade love. The store is sure to promote the fact that 17-year-old Taylor Lautner, is shirtless on the t, just to add another layer of creepiness to the stalker-esque text. Of course if this shirt isn't your style, but you still want to add to your "unhealthy relationship" collection, perhaps you'll consider the "What Would I Do Without You?" ring set. It comes with two rings, size 7 and size 10. Ah, young obsessive, slightly off-putting, fairly disturbing, pewter vampire love.

Twilight New Moon Jacob Never Go T-Shirt [Hot Topic]