A couple of major news outlets, including CBS and CNN have been reporting that several deaths and different major ailments have been "linked" to the Gardasil vaccine. One girl got pancreatitis, according to CNN, while CBS has reported on a girl with seizures and another who suffered from paralysis after getting Gardasil. Feministe calls bullshit on these fearmongering reports, pointing out that while 15 deaths had been reported to the FDA after the Gardasil vaccination was administered, CNN's article "immediately looses its steam when we realize that none of those deaths have been linked to Gardasil" by the CDC. However, "The CDC is looking into whether or not Gardasil could be related to 10 confirmed cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome, a rare autoimmune disease." The takeaway: don't panic yet, my pets. Gardasil has been distributed 26 million times so far with very few incidences. [CBS, CNN, Feministe]


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@funnyface: My husband's a Dr. too! Only not the kind that helps people. He is the academic kind. And my daughter, badmuthaette, has to get the last shot and she is done. She has had no adverse reactions. She is 15.