A couple hours ago I sort of subconsciously baited the perpetrators of something I've found increasingly irritating about this site: sometimes people make the place feel unsafe not only for jokes but for actual true things, such as "sex without condoms feels better." (Click picture for more)


But the post also conveys something that's started to annoy me about myself: it's harder and harder to reconcile those Id-level truths with broader, more sober ones, such as, for starters "Easy for me to say being as I am white."* Of the 7,196 women who contracted AIDS from sex in the United States in 2006, the last year reported (and not incidentally, the last year I left my house on any sort of normal basis) only 17% of them were white. That is 1,221 white women. This means that the average white woman — and to a lesser extent, the average American woman — is actually far more likely to become filled with rage over my personal glorification of unsafe sex this year than actually contract HIV, which is the good news! It means you have been exposed to information prior to reading Jezebel!
But another thing that means: the site is kind of big now, bigger than any group of people I can expect to give me the benefit of the doubt or put what I say in ironic self-loathing context. When it comes to sex we've generally been inclined to favor the fun and comedic and gross and mundane truths about it that don't get so much media attention, and I doubt that will change when I leave, but maybe by then you will all be getting more of it and will thus feel less compelled to unleash your ire on whatever poor slut ends up replacing me. Joke!
No seriously, it has changed and it will change even more, and we'll probably all have to get more careful about what we say, because we have from the beginning and do continue to have pretty fucking good intentions, but sometimes we fuck up and sometimes we just didn't make ourselves clear and sometimes we just can't do anything to make you happy. But I know we'll keep trying.
*So you know, that line = me fessing up to what I pretty much consider to be the worst quality in a person or at least a blogger! Not an excuse, but an admission of guilt.



@bria: I think you need to take a step back and determine why you find it necessary to judge everyone on each and every one of their actions. This behavior will get you nowhere fast, mostly because it's just too time consuming. It's awesome that you practice safe sex 100% of the time, I don't. Being able to be honest about that, and accept that responsibility is just being an adult. To sit here and judge people from what you perceive to be your perch of higher wisdom and judgment is not only ridiculous but counterproductive to an actual conversation.