A Colbert Christmas: John Legend Wants To "Nut Your Egg"

Stephen Colbert's Christmas special A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All aired on Comedy Central last night, and it's pretty much already a classic. Jam-packed with awesome songs and guest appearances by Willie Nelson (who sang a song about being the fourth wise man who gives baby Jesus some weed), Elvis Costello, Feist, Jon Stewart, Toby Keith and John Legend, the hour-long show covered everything from Hanukkah to guns to murdering a grizzly bear. In the clip above, John Legend sings a genius slow jam about how much he loves nutmeg on eggnog. ("It's pure and divine and it's ready to grind/ It's my nutmeg.")


Erin Gloria Ryan

Further driving home the point that unlike Jordin Sparks, John Legend has made no purity promises.