A Bunch of White Dudes Decide Who Wins at the Oscars

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It's probably obvious to anyone who's ever watched the Oscars and constantly exclaimed, "What the f*&k?!" when the most boring, mediocre piece of crap cleans up in every category, but now a new study has confirmed that the people who decide the winners of the coveted movie industry awards are strikingly Caucasian and mostly male.

The research, done by the Los Angeles Times, confirmed the identities of about 5,100 voting members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (about 89 percent of the academy's membership), and they found that 94 percent of them are white and 77 percent are male. Jeez. Only two percent of academy voters are black and Hispanic. This shouldn't come as a total surprise, since the industry overall tends to be overwhelming dominated by white guys, but the Academy says it's working to diversify its ranks. Yeah, I'm sure there are a ton of hot movie deals and great roles for women and minorities about to magically appear.

Newspaper study: Oscar voters mainly white, male [AP]

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Ah man. Now i'm totally questioning if Charlize won (although I do believe she was MAGNIFICENT and fully deserving) just because they want to pork her.