A box of used sex toys has been stolen from LoveHoney, an online adult store. The toys were left in a box outside the company's Bath, England office over the weekend and were destined for recycling. (LoveHoney's Rabbit Amnesty program allows customers to send back dead vibrators and receive a new one for half price. So far 5 tons of used toys have been recycled.) LoveHoney warns, "if someone sidles up to you in a pub and offers you a cheap rabbit, tell 'em where to get off." [LoveHoney]

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I once worked at a place where we sold Rabbits at a discount. I'll always remember two of our customers.

The first called to complain that the Rabbit didn't come with an instruction manual.

The second wrote an angry letter saying that her Rabbit had gone moldy, and that she wanted a refund. As my MD said, for the sake of a tenner, would you admit to having a moldy mimsy?