A Bomb Threat Clears Out Katherine And Gerard's Party, A Death Threat Makes Britney Change Her Plans

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  • Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler were forced to evacuate the Four Seasons in Los Angeles during a publicity tour for their film, The Ugly Truth, when a bomb threat was called into the hotel. [People]
  • Britney Spears has refused to bring her sons along with her when she plays Russia next week, as she's received a series of email death threats and doesn't feel it's safe for them to join her. [TheSun]
  • Susan Boyle will appear on the Today show on Monday to hype her upcoming appearance on America's Got Talent, as well as to show off her new makeover. [People]
  • Cindy Adams claims that the Jackson family was angered by Jackson's close connection with Elizabeth Taylor: "She was always Michael's friend, not the family's. They resented her. Elizabeth Taylor was crushed and she's still crying." [DailyExpress]
  • Want to buy 50 Cent's Connecticut home? You're in luck, if you're a millionaire: the price was just slashed from 14.9 million to 10.5 million dollars. [Yahoo]
  • Gwyneth Paltrow is reportedly "furious" that she was left out of a promotional campaign for Iron Man 2, and is afraid that Scarlett Johansson, her co-star, is getting all the attention. "Gwyneth was afraid she'd be upstaged by Scarlett and not being in the campaign was the final straw," says a source, "She is furious she's been left out." [DailyMail]
  • A source claims that Dr. Arnold Klein, Michael Jackson's dermatologist, is now planning to fight to prove he is the biological father of Michael's children. "Arnie is planning to fight for custody of Prince Michael and Paris," says the source, "He says he can prove he is their father with Debbie." [Mirror]
  • The remaining members of The Jackson 5 are reportedly in talks to go on a reunion tour. [E!]
  • Kim Cattrall has split from her boyfriend, Alan Wyse, because Wyse was not willing to give up his job: "‘His job is too important to him for him to give it up," says a source, "It's quite a wrench for me that he has split with Kim, but I don't think Alan is too upset. He's a grown man. He needs his independence – to stand on his own two feet." [DailyMail]
  • Madonna will travel to Marseilles to visit workers who were injured in a stage accident for her Sticky and Sweet tour; two workers died in the accident, which occurred on July 16. [People]
  • Meanwhile, a source claims that Madonna has dumped her boyfriend, Jesus Luz, "Jesus has been accompanying Madonna on tour but they have been staying in separate hotel rooms," says the source, "Jesus is doing everything he can to persuade Madonna they should stay together. He's hanging in there like a lost puppy. Chances are they will be seen out again together, as it's good for both their images, but Madonna has made it clear it's only a friendship."[DailyMail]
  • A source claims that Lindsay Lohan is in talks to appear on either the US or UK version of I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here. "Lindsay's the perfect person for a reality show like I'm A Celeb. She's young, fallen and there's an element of tragedy in her life," says the source, "Most people who go on the show are in need of a healthy pay chck and also want to raise their careers from the dead. Lindsay is perfect fodder for the show." [ShowbizSpy]
  • Pete Peterson, the billionaire grandfather of NYC Prep's PC is reportedly quite embarrassed over his grandson's obnoxious behavior. "He was kicked out of several schools and the family cut him off at one point," says a source, "He's doing this show to get an acting career." [PageSix]
  • When asked to describe herself, Emma Watson replied: "A bit of a feminist." [Mirror]
  • Blind Item:"These two Celebs who have been known to feud and criticize one another publicly are trying to mend their ways. We hear there have been calls and cards sent with apologies. The problem is, one of the stars is still having a hard time getting over the fact that the other star slept with her boyfriend back in the day. Not Angelina Jolie." [BlindGossip]
  • D'oh! Asher Roth tried to impress a crowd by telling them he was a Cornell grad, only to have fans yell back that they knew he was a dropout of West Chester University. [PageSix]
  • "I would like to issue an apology for the comments I made on Fox and Friends. My intent was to be humorous and not offensive. I have nothing but love and respect for Latina women and women in general of all cultural backgrounds. What saddens me most is that it took away from the issue of Hunger in America, for which I was on the show to begin with. I work and a pantry in Venice California with a hispanic women named Delpia (who has been feeding people at St. Joseph's Center for 29 years) and she is my personal hero. Having been raised in Los Angeles I have grown up with a deep and profound love for the Latino culture."- David Arquette [HuffingtonPost]

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