A 70-year-old Indian woman has reportedly given birth to her first child, via IVF treatment. "We've been longing for a child since we married many years ago, but it didn't work for us," said Rajo Devi, whose husband is 72. "For decades we've had to put up with gossip because we've remained childless, but those sad days are now over," she said. Devi is the second 70-year-old Indian woman to give birth after IVF treatment this year, but it is unclear whose egg and sperm were used in the treatment. The couple says they are not concerned about coping with a young daughter so late in life. "We have a large family and there will be plenty of helpers," says Devi. [The Daily Mail]


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Erin Gloria Ryan

Oh, for the Love of Jamie Lynn Spears.

People are going to get angry at me for saying this, but having a child is not a right. Resources in the medical field are better directed at solving immediate global health threats, especially, especially since they're in India and there are scores of children there that need adopting.