A 26-year-old artist and rape survivor has created a sign for the Williamsburg, Brooklyn block where she was assaulted. The artist, who spoke to ArtCal via email, has chosen to remain anonymous because her case is still in court. She says she hopes rapists who see the sign will think about the possibility of their loved ones being assaulted and "realize that the act they commit is unforgivable, and is an obscene expression of power over another person." Click for a larger image. [Gothamist]

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This reminds me of an episode at a restaurant I used to work at. A couple had been sitting at the bar, and left together. We had wall length windows, so everyone could see the curb outside. They approached their car, arguing, and he hit her. She fell to the ground, hitting the car on the way down, and he starting kicking her—in the stomach, in the head, etc. Everyone stood at the the window and fucking watched. I asked if anyone was going to call for help, and no one did—so I did it myself. Not only that, but people walked right fucking by them and did nothing.

I understand that hey, we want to protect ourselves, but I still cannot fathom to this day how anyone can hear a woman scream for help and do nothing.