96 Arrested In Massive San Diego State Inter-Fraternity Coke Ring

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A year ago this month this pretty young San Diego State University Alpha Phi sister Jennifer Poliakoff died tragically at age 19 of what appeared to be alcohol poisoning. Well, it turned out to be a cocaine overdose... and the coke turned out to be pretty strong... and then someone else died at a SDSU frat house, and, well, to make a long story short, it turned out the San Diego State Greek system was operating a drug ring so massive and highly-connected it sounds like the stuff of an Akon interview, except it is true. (And we thought college Greek organizations/San Diego State students were good for nothing!) Today the San Diego feds announced they had arrested 96 young people in conjunction with the drug ring , 75 of whom were students, in connection with the drug ring. And if you're like me, you're thinking, "Too bad, those were probably 75 of the smartest kids on campus."


"A sad commentary is that when one of these individuals was arrested, they inquired as to whether or not his arrest and incarceration would have an effect on his becoming a federal law enforcement officer," a DEA spokesman said. No shit. Apparently they had connections to a major cartel.

A student majoring in criminal justice was arrested for possession of 500 grams of cocaine and two guns, officials said.

As part of the investigation, officers infiltrated seven campus fraternities. In some fraternities, most of the members were aware of organized drug dealing occuring from the houses by members, officials said.

In one instance, a member of the Theta Chi fraternity sent out a mass text message to his "faithful customers" stating that he and his associates would be in Las Vegas for the weekend and cocaine sales could not be made.

The message said there was a "sale" on cocaine and listed reduced prices.

Anyway, for once I don't have a strident/outraged/contrarian opinion. I'm thinking the same thing as you: HOLY SHIT TELL ME MORE. (And also: so that is where you could still, until recently, buy good coke.)

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I think it is fair to remove federal aid to anyone who breaks a law. Yes, even the student who has just smoked pot. You need money from the government. You break this same government's laws. Now, nobody should break the law for starters, but if you are using government money, it is absurd to think that you can break the law and still keep receiving money.