9-Year-Old Dating Expert Not Exactly A Ladies Man

Precocious 9-year-old Alec Greven, who penned the book How To Talk To Girls, was on the Today show this morning, and Meredith Vieira asked him about his subject matter. "I studied, kind of," he said. "I observed at recess." Alec, who is ridiculously articulate and pretty damn cute, says that boys shouldn't try and date too many girls, "because they end up dumping you at the same time, and then you have none." He also advises boys against wearing sweatpants ("grubby") and claims that girls like guys who are smart. But when Meredith asked Alec if he was a chick magnet, he answered: "Really? Um… not really." Clip above.

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I brought this book up at dinner the other night (yes, I talk about Jez business at dinner), and my 11 year-old son yelled, "I want that book!"

I'll buy it, but I'll be sad. I'm not ready for my son to worry about girls - sniff. He's mine, dammit! MINE. Crap. Now I sound all weird and stuff.