9/11 Made Our Men Macho Pigs, Or How To Sell A Book About Gender Roles In Wartime

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Susan Faludi! She used to be a really important feminist, back when female musicians still wore clothes. Funny thing about how the gender roles have sorta swung backwards since then! Well, she blames 9/11. And that's what her new book is about. Here's her story:

Ms. Faludi, who lives in San Francisco, said she initially had no intention of writing about 9/11. She was working on a book about Judi Bari, the radical environmentalist, when the planes struck. Within hours a newspaper reporter called to ask her opinion about the attack's effect on "our social fabric" before adding, in what Ms. Faludi calls "a bizarrely gleeful tone," the remark: "Well, this sure pushes feminism off the map!

Hmmm. I always thought the Mickey Mouse Club was responsible for pushing feminism off the map, but it's an interesting theory. Can she back it up?

Eh, well, not so much. I mean, obviously the nation has gone to shit since 9/11 and at the same time, our female icons are dumber and more superficial than ever starting with our stiletto-shopping Secretary of State, but I kind of think the economy is more to blame than our idiotic with a culture that holds women in even lower regard than evangelical Christians. But hey, whatever sells books for girls that aren't about weight-obsessed shoe-whore publicists who really thought they'd have a rock by now is okay by us!


Towers Fell, And Attitudes Were Rebuilt [NY Times]

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@CocaineContessa: Condi is the "Russian expert", who has let our relationship with Russia deteriorate to the lowest point since Reagan. Her only successes are a couple of changes to the department's bureaucracy and a continuation of a Colin Powell intitiative and as John Kerry has been pointing-out, why isn't she standing between the Sunnis and the Shiites trying to broker some type of peace between these warring factions?

On the other hand, her shoes look great...