Taylor Swift is just a normal girl who does normal girl things and sings about normal girl life experiences that normal girls can all relate to. Falling in love? U bet. Heartbreak? Haha, I feel u, gurl. John Mayer's penis? Show me one among us who can raise her Ring Pop-adorned hand and say, "Nay, I have not seen it" and I will show you a liar.

Taylor Swift's life is all of our lives, her experiences are our experiences. If you're a teenager, she sings of what you're going through this very moment. If you're older, her songs and life choices evoke memories of your own similar experiences whether it be prom, your first breakup or that time when you, as a 23-year-old millionaire/pop star/business woman decided to buy property in England to be closer to your new 18-year-old boyfriend Harry Styles just months after you reportedly dropped over $4.9 million on a house to be closer to your now-ex 18-year-old boyfriend who is also the grandson of Bobby Kennedy.

Radar is reporting that Taylor Swift is currently seeking out property in England's Lake District where she was recently vacationing with her handsome windswept spaniel, One Direction's Harry Styles. According to a "source," "Taylor" and "Harry" are "crazy about each other" and that, after visiting with Styles' "mum" and "sister," Taylor decided that she "would love a really old, thick-walled cottage with a fire place" in the "lakeside" "town" of Bowness-on-Windermere. Of course, these are just unfounded rumors , but then again, Taylor Swift does have a history of being a little bit of a nut when it comes to boyfriends so maybe/probably/definitely it's true?

As previously mentioned, it was barely months ago that Swift bought up property across the street from her then-child bride Conor Kennedy in Cape Cod and years previously it was rumored that she went in on a timeshare underneath the overhang Jake Gyllenhaal's eyebrows. Whatever, though, man. She can spend the money she earned in any stupid way that she likes. Besides, we've all been there.