84-Year-Old Woman Dragged Into Heidi & Spencer Drama On The Hills

On last night's episode of The Hills, Spencer somehow managed to nab a guest appearance for his Nana. Apparently, Spencer is Nana's favorite grandchild, and he loves to rub this in Stephanie's face, so Stephanie had a meeting with Nana and talked about how much of a dick her brother is. According to what Spencer said on The Hills: Aftershow, Nana watches The Hills every week, so she obviously must know how much of a dick he is, and likes it. Oh, and Spencer also said that his Mexican wedding with Heidi was filmed as part of The Hills, and will definitely work its way into the show. Clip above.


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If this woman is anything like my Gran, she knows exactly what her grandson is and is just causing drama so her life isn't boring. My Gran is a puppet master, and loves to make her minions dance for her amusement. I want to be her when I am 85!