'80s Sexual Harassment Video Asks: "Is It Or Isn't It?"

The video at left is an excerpt from an '80s sexual harassment training video titled "food fight." We hoped it would explain whether throwing a pie in a coworker's face is considered harassment or not, but the boss complementing his employee's cucumber handling is an amusingly cheesy alternative. [Vintage Ads]


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OMG - I think I saw this video back in the 80's - or one quite similar. Oddly enough, I was working at a restaurant at the time. The owner would pull out his peen and wave it around after he'd had a few drinks. One night the bartender told him to take that little needle upstairs and play some records for us. The owner once called me a cunt. I grabbed him by his shirt collar, slammed him up against the wall, and told him that the only reason he was in business was women - his wife was the chef, his manager was a woman (me) and the dining room was run by another woman - and that we'd cut his nuts off if he used that term again. He never did.

Restaurants are filled with deviates. If that conversation took place in any restaurant I ever worked at, the woman would have responded by saying, "Oh, then you'll really enjoy watching me slice cucumbers," or "fuck off, you little twerp."