80s Punk Rock Icon Exene Cervenka is a Santa Barbara Shooting Truther

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A recent series of posts on Twitter reveal 80s punk rock singer Exene Cervenka believes the Santa Barbara shooting was a hoax.


Cervenka was an iconic punk rock singer and member of the Los Angeles-based band X. (She was also once married to actor Viggo Mortensen.) The tweets on Cervenka's page were unearthed on Wednesday. Radio.com published an account of her recent posts to Twitter.

The 58-year-old frontwoman has added herself to the list of "truthers" who believe Elliot Rodger was just another bad actor in a long line of well-produced hoaxes, which include the Boston Marathon bombings and the attack on the World Trade Center.

Calling herself a "Conspiracy Therapist," Cervenka digs into Elliot Rodger's videos and various news reports in order to find incongruities.


Cervenka believes Rodger's killing spree along with the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting were designed to force stricter gun control laws ultimately leaving citizens defenseless against the government.






It's worth pointing out that she seems to be an anti-vaxxer, too. Or something. I don't know what exactly it's called when you believe this:


I will say that her response to an article on Dangerous Minds, which called her the "Victoria Jackson of punk rock," is pretty great.


While her Twitter account is unverified, her official fan page includes a Twitter link to the page containing the tweets cited in this article. Earlier in March, Dangerous Minds published an article detailing Cervenka's beliefs in various other conspiracy theories.


Cervenka was my teen idol growing up. I dyed my hair like her, dressed like her and desperately wanted to emulate a lot of what she represented to me in the 80s. Reading all of this is very sad, actually. I'm not sure what she's going through that would lead her to into this world, but I sincerely hope she someday finds her way out of it.

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Dear Exene Cervenka,

You're phone's off the hook, but you're not.


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