80 Year-Old-Grandmother Brings Her Family Values Rap to America's Got Talent

Are you watching America's Got Talent? That question was rhetorical — we know you are watching America's Got Talent because you love Howie Mandel so much. Like, you never shut up about it. Seriously, please shut up about loving Howie Mandel. We get it. Everyone gets it.


In case you missed it while you were in the kitchen filling up your Howie Cup (which — ugh — is what you call a regular cup. Seriously, stop it), Tuesday's episode featured an 80-year-old grandmother named Granny G (not her legal name) rapping about family values. It was cute and, thankfully, not about gay people.

Have a watch! It'll give you something to talk about the next time you "accidentally" bump into Mandel at his kid's daycare.



Why no, I'm not watching this show. I hate this sort of show, and I hate old people rapping.

Now, you kids get offa my lawn!