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80% Of All Women Babes Plan To See Twilight

Oh, Twilight. It's embarrassing that something so crappy is associated with being female. In this Fox and Friends clip about the movie's "fangirls," a reporter claims that 81% of all women(!) plan to see the movie. He also says females are "better known as babes" and that girls were turned on to the books by their moms — even though it's most likely the other way around. In fact, Nancy Gibbs writes about this for Time: "If there is any greater pleasure than watching your child vanish into a book, it is following her there to see what she sees. This is how it comes to pass in my household that my almost 14-year-old daughter and I are AWOL for long stretches these days." Gibbs also wishes "Bella were a bit more Buffy, slaying vampires and not just falling for them." Clip above.
A Mother-Daughter Twilight Obsession [Time]


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I can't really say anything. 10 years ago I thought I was going to marry Leonardo DiCaprio. Oh hell. I'd still have his babies.