8-Year-Old Yemeni Girl Wins Divorce From Gross Husband

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Nojoud Nasser, the 8-year-old Yemeni kid who took her own pint-sized self to court to get a divorce from her 30-year-old pedophile husband, has won, but the Yemeni parliament does not really see any point in passing laws to prevent parents from selling their elementary school-aged daughters to pervs, perhaps because, even though the average marriage age has fallen to fourteen, it's still a lot higher than 10, which it was a few generations ago. But one crusading politician, the Islah Party's Fuad Dahaba, is pressing for a law. "If it is my personal opinion I believe 18 is the right age, because marriage is such a big responsibility," he says. Eighteen! What a mensch. We Googled him. And! We learned about a run-in he had with another sort of fearless Arab heroine that kinda tells you a lot about the Middle East, God, & life, etc.!

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Mr. Dahaba is a leading advocate of the poor and disenfranchised and proponent of sharia law who, just two months ago, backed the attempt to scare Syrian chanteuse Asala Nasry from performing in the country on the basis of Yemen's new fatwa on all concerts. After being threatened with the "same fate as Benazir Bhutto" by the local Al Qaeda branch, Ms. Nasry came anyway, saying, you know, if she can hack it in Algeria she can hack it in Yemen. What with God to protect her and all. And he did.

Parliament Refuses To Legislate Minimum Age For Marriage [Yemen Times]
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@Style Queen: Anymore? Article said the average age had gone up, so that implies this has been ongoing for... ever?

This prompts me to mention that our concept of childhood (which is a fully valid one I support and embrace) is a fairly recent thing even in Western society and has a lot to do with wealth. In Victorian times, only the children of the well-to-do had what we would consider childhoods.

If you didn't have money, you worked, just like mom and dad. If you didn't have mom and dad, you worked to support yourself, even in the confines or under the protection of an institution.

This is still true in many societies but even the concept of a young person as anything more than a little adult has not filtered into every society the way it has in the west.

Which is BAD! Because it happens to be a scientific fact that children are not equipped to live as adults mentally, emotionally, and certainly not physically.

But what this article describes is not so unusual or some recent resurgence. It just is.