September issues are coming! September issues are coming! Some are already here. Editors prefer blondes, reports WWD's "Memo Pad". But don't worry: Editors also like trainwrecks and brunettes! A rundown:

  • Vogue: Sienna Miller (blonde)
  • InStyle: Gwen Stefani (blonde)
  • W: Gwyneth Paltrow (blonde)
  • Marie Claire: Ashley Olsen (blonde)
  • Vanity Fair: Gisele Bundchen (blonde)
  • Bazaar: Kate Hudson (blonde)
  • Allure: Britney Spears (trainwreck)
  • Elle: Lindsay Lohan (trainwreck)
  • Cosmopolitan: Jessica Alba (brunette)
  • Redbook: Brooke Shields (brunette)
  • Glamour: Claire Danes, Mariska Hargitay, Queen Latifah (a puu-puu platter: something for everyone!)
  • Lucky: Sarah Michelle Gellar (brunette)
  • Seventeen: Ashlee Simpson (blonde)
  • CosmoGirl: Ashley Tisdale/Zac Efron (blonde & a dude)
  • Teen Vogue: Anne Hathaway (brunette)

Out of 15 covers, 8 feature blondes, and there is one woman of color, wedged between a blonde and a brunette. How's your self-esteem this morning? MemoPad [WWD]