8 Laptop Bags You'll Actually Like Carrying

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You asked, we answered! Herewith, cool — and functional — laptop bags.

In my experience it's not hard to find good, utilitarian computer bags. It's also not hard to find cool expensive ones. The trick is finding reasonably-priced, padded bags that are also nifty. So here's a roundup — most of them under $100, several vegan and a couple with a cross-body strap. A couple could double as purses; a few are basic, a couple are fun. I've focused here primarily on the bags themselves, but a cool sleeve and a tote is always an option: check out Etsy for a really good selection of unique sleeves made of everything from vintage Pendleton blankets to Star Wars sheets.

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Fiorelli Hayworth Slim Laptop Bag, $142
Leather Laptop Case, $100
Clementine Silk Luxe Laptop Bag, $98
MARC BY MARC JACOBS 'Pretty Nylon - Computer Commuter' Bag, $98
Sumdex Business 17" Laptop Tote Bag - Red : Target, $48
Foxdale Laptop Case, 39 GBP
Wabags "Patrick Computer Bag" Functional Laptop Computer Bag with..., $80
SOLO Sterling Ladies Laptop Tote - eBags.com, $45
17.1 Inch and Larger, Laptop Bag from CoolComputerBags.com


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This is my laptop bag. I love it. I bought it on Etsy from this seller: [www.etsy.com]

They don't carry the design that's on mine anymore, but they have other ones that are just as nice. What I really love about it, is that there is this material on the inside of the shoulder strap that makes it kinda grippy. It never slides off my shoulder like any other bag I have owned.