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62-Year-Old Diana Nyad Ends Dangerous Endurance Swim from Cuba to Florida

Illustration for article titled 62-Year-Old Diana Nyad Ends Dangerous Endurance Swim from Cuba to Florida

Diana Nyad, the 62-year-old endurance swimmer attempting to be the first person to ever swim from Cuba to Florida without the aid of a shark cage, was forced to end her quest this morning after a series of overnight circumstances created too dangerous of an environment, including the increasing presence of sharks and jellyfish, as well as tumultuous weather that had been blowing the swimmer off-course all night.


Nyad had been swimming for approximately 60 hours when she was brought out of the water at 7:42am EST today; she's currently being treated for multiple jellyfish stings, strained muscles and, because of the salt water, swollen lips and tongue. Says Steve Munatones, an official observer of the swim and editor of the Daily News of Open Water Swimming, "We pulled her out of the water. The dangers were so great that we couldn't risk anyone's life, including her own."


Nyad had completed 55 miles of the 103-mile crossing and had been hoping to arrive in Florida on the day of her 63rd birthday.

Diana Nyad Pulled From the Water, Ending Historic Swim [ABC News]

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