'60s And '70s Beauty Ads Were Little TV Nightmares

Just launched: AdViews, a site providing thousands of vintage ads for free. You don't have to look very hard to find some truly creepy - and hilarious - commercials marketed to women. (Susan Sarandon is in one!) Vagina perfume, anyone?

"Take a good look. This is Cornsilk. It's made from corn. That's right: corn. It's the last thing you'll ever see, because I am a serial killer." (It puts the Cornsilk on its skin, or else it gets the hose again...)

Sea Jade: the vaguely racist fragrance inspired by "the mysterious East." (And what does he say at the end? "Sea Jade is a haunting fragrance...for people who remember your butt"?)

I like to think that You're The Fire skin incense was the female Axe Body Spray of the '70s, in that people saw it on other people's dressers and made fun of them for it. But this lady was probably too scary to move much product.

A fresh, innocent Susan Sarandon was so confused about cologne versus perfume until Daylight Encounter came along. "Because you meet more people in the day than you do in the evening." (What?)

The Slicker Dolly Bus: it's double-decker bus full of frosted lipsticks, just like they have in mod, mod England! Everything you need to know about the mid '60s is contained within this silly commercial.

"A girl gets kissed in lots of places." Like her vagina, get it? Spray perfume on it! Whoever's kissing there is going to love that!

Free Online Archive Of Vintage TV Commercials [BoingBoing]


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The voiceover guy for the Cornsilk commercial sounds bored as hell.