There wasn't too much of a contest yesterday as the Brat Pack knocked The Cosby Show clean out of March Madness with 60% of the vote (I'm sorry, Theo! Judd Nelson is just too damn tough!) and the Spice Girls sank Titanic with one swift Girl Power kick to James Cameron's nards. Safe to say that while Cosby and Titanic are out of the running, their hearts will go on and on.

Today stepping into the 80s ring, we have two of the most important parts of 80s youth culture, MTV and D.A.R.E. One was an anti-drug and alcohol education program and the other devoted most of its hours airing videos depicting drugs and alcohol as totally awesome. Vote with your conscious! (Or vote with Downtown Julie Brown.)

In the 90s courtroom, Monica Lewinsky takes the stand to face off against Grunge. What's more your cup of Seattle brewed fair trade coffee: Kenneth Starr or "Super Star" as covered by Sonic Youth?