If you ever had any doubt about the legitimacy of our March Madness voting system, know this: If I was rigging these brackets, I would have never ever let what happened yesterday happen. Sure, the Gameboy beat the Rachel. This I can let go, but Lisa Frank beating Valley Girls? Gag me with a spoon — now I finally know how real sports feel.

But now on to Day 11!

Today we have another couple of remarkable toughies as over in the 80s conference, the Brat Pack pits itself against the adorable pack of Huxtables from The Cosby Show. Sure, the Brat Pack came prepared having brought their own lunch (sushi, a bag of Matt's cookies, a quart of milk, a thermos full of soup and a pixie stick sandwich), but The Cosby Show has Phylicia Rashā and Rudy so it is not to be underestimated.

Meanwhile, over on the 90s side of the tracks, 1997 is being torn apart as Titanic embarks on a voyage to defeat British Girl Power quintet the Spice Girls. What do you choose? Spicing up your life or the first half of the biggest movie of the decade? (I can't be the only person who would only watch the first cassette so that things ended while Jack and Rose were both still alive and happy, can I?) This might honestly be the hardest decision that some of us will ever make.