We often hear about women who are unhappy with their breast size, but it's usually those with smaller breasts who wish they were bigger. The BBC documentary My Big Breasts and Me explores the flip side of the coin: Women with very large, natural breasts who suffer both physical and psychological repercussions from such their "heavy" burdens. One of the women featured is 23-year-old Jodi, who is 5'1 with a bra size of 28K. She says it's difficult to find a bra that fits her well, and studying to be a musician, she also says that her breasts get in the way when she plays piano. Her back hurts often, and she said that it's nearly impossible to run. For 19-year-old Maddy, who wears a size F, the problem is more about fashion. She finds that her breasts limit her wardrobe options (I feel her on that one; so sick of sack dresses), and she feels the need to wear large blousy tops that hide her boobs, and make her look less like "a porn star." Clip above.