Lindsay Lohan is currently having the Mondayest Monday in the history of Mondays. After arriving 50 minutes late to her date with justice this morning, someone glitter-bombed her on her way into a Los Angeles courthouse.

To recap for those of you following along at home: First she missed her Saturday night flight. Then, as fate is liable to do, someone extended a gilded, helping hand to the beleaguered actress — "Mr. Pink" (ah, pseudonyms, like we're in a spy movie!) lent Lohan a ride on a private jet. Smooth sailing, right? Wrong! That helping hand was just the universe's way of making a subsequent delay (the flight didn't land at LAX until 8:30 am), a late courthouse arrival, and a faceful of sparklies that much more devastating.


According to the Los Angeles Times, no apparent plea agreement was reached about the three separate misdemeanor counts — reckless driving, providing false information to an officer and willfully resisting, obstructing or delaying an officer — Lohan faces. In other words, there's still plenty more time for this Monday to get even worse for Lindz.

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