Taylor Swift and Rihanna are losers on the newsstand. Swift's Vogue cover sold 329,371 copies (counting newsstand and digital sales, but not subscribers), which is just about on the six-month average. Lady Gaga and Adele were the undisputed winners of the period, with 602,000 and 410,343, respectively. Swift's sales on the covers of Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and Harper's Bazaar were also uninspiring. Rihanna's Vogue cover was the second-worst seller after the magazine's Olympic-themed issue. [WWD]

Michelle Williams is on the new cover of AnOther Magazine. Hmmm. About that.

This season's top models of color, in terms of their show bookings at New York, London, Milan, and Paris' respective fashion weeks, were: Fei Fei Sun (52 shows), Grace Mahary (51 shows), and Yumi Lambert (43 shows). [The Cut]

This Chanel video covers Gabrielle Chanel's relaunch of her apparel brand with the 1954 creation of her iconic bouclé cardigan-style jacket. (Not mentioned is the fact that the reason Chanel reopened her house in 1954 is that it was the first time she could safely return to France after nine years of living in exile in Switzerland because of that whole Nazi thing.) [YouTube]

Lana Del Ray covers L'Officiel. [DS]

Jenna Lyons has 289 pairs of shoes. That is all. [YouTube]

HSN is advertising itself. [WWD]

  • The European Union-wide ban on animal testing of cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients has gone into effect. Cosmetics giants L'Oréal and Shiseido have announced their compliance, but a spokesperson for an industry lobbying group called Cosmetics Europe said, "consumers in Europe won't have access to new products because we can't ensure that some ingredients will be safe without access to suitable and adequate testing." [NYTimes]
  • New product alert: Boob Glue. So you can glue your boobs to the inside of your bra. Boob Glue: it's glue for your boobs. [Racked]
  • In case you were curious, Tom Ford says "of course" he changes his son Jack's poopy diapers. "All the time." [Vogue]
  • Louis Vuitton didn't show any accessories in the company's iconic damier or monogram canvas this season. It's part of a new strategy: the Louis Vuitton brand, which accounts for more than half of the profits at parent company Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy, just had its slowest two quarters of growth since 2009, and LVMH head Bernard Arnault thinks logo fatigue (particularly in China) is to blame. [BoF]
  • Sports Illustrated and Maybelline model Jessica White is reportedly getting a reality show on the Style network. Her attempt to forge a career as a singer will apparently be the subject. [P6]
  • Isabel Marant doesn't design evening wear. In fact, she doesn't particularly like it. "It's so ugly when I see beautiful girls wearing these dresses because they have to. Sometimes they would look better wearing a well-cut trouser and a T-shirt. Much more chic than a...cake dress." Marant also considers the many, many knock-offs of her sneaker wedges "very vulgar." [Telegraph]
  • Urban Outfitters seems to be turning around. Profits at the company rose to $82.5 million in the quarter just ended, up from $39.3 million during the same period one year ago, and sales were up by 17.3%, to $856.8 million. [WWD]