A dame like you, a skirt who loves the giggle juice, needs somethin' to wear to the speakeasy, to the clip joints, where you can ogle the swells gettin' flim-flammed. But maybe you're a hot tomato going nowhere, just throwing a swinging wingding in your own boudoir. Marc Jacobs has made sure Louis Vuitton's gotcha covered. From Fashionista:

"What is the most decadent thing anybody could ever do? Get all dressed up, do their make up, and stay at home," Jacobs told Andre Leon Talley earlier this month.

If loungin' 'round the divan flappin' your gums sounds like the bee's knees, this collection is for you, dollface. Glad rags for hoofin' it with a dapper Daddy or for tipping a few before hitting the sack, jack. Take a gander.


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