Hedi Slimane's second Saint Laurent collection — for fall/winter 2013 — looks familiar. Anyone thrilled about how the '90s are back will dig this show: Babydoll dresses, plaid, combat boots. Of course, ignore the styling and you'll see a pretty little dresses that would be perfectly at home on the red carpet — ruffled pale blue, sheer and floaty peach, slick strapless black. Cute! Easy to forget that this is not Urban Outfitters but a designer collection in which a dress will run you around $2,000.

WWD asks:

Few archetypes are more engaging than the undone girl, especially when under her ratty hair, pout, pounding gait and sloppy chic lurk a pretty face and skinny body. But is playing a cutesy, disaffected-youth hand enough to propel the house of Saint Laurent into today's luxury stratosphere - especially if the targeted air space is that in which Chanel and Dior reside? That, too, remains a question.

Chanel's princesses just pretend to be punk. The Saint Laurent girls really are staying up all night listening to Doll Parts. Take a look.

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